Wellaplex No 1 Bond Maker is a super strengthening treatment that can create bonds within the hair whilst performing lightening or colouring services. This then in turn, reconstructs the inner structure of the hair, resulting in a much stronger, less damaged hair follicle. 

The No 2 Bond Stabilizer will then reinforce the new bonds, balance the pH and strengthen post chemical treatment. 

And finally the No 3 Hair Stabilizer is a product that you’ll be able to apply yourself at home which will maintain the new strength of your hair and keep it feeling silky smooth until your next treatment. 

We’re super excited to welcome this new product. It’ll allow us to carry out bleach/lightening and colour services in a much safer manner, which means better results for our clients!

Have wellaplex No 1 and No 2 service treatments added to your colour service for an introductory price of only £15.
Normally costing £30 in your top salons!

Grab a bargain and have amazing hair!

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